mercredi 4 juillet 2007

A full stop

I don't feel any rage deep inside, I have never taken life that easy and I have never known a huge peace for such a time as now.
Sometimes, I wish I can feel some grudge within my heart.
I find my ease in contemplating people and looking deeply inside my self. Trying to find the truth in some words and inspiring from the little details of my environment.
It often happens to me to ask my self: is that worth?? Is all what is happening true?
I try to live what I think impossible in my ideas. But I know I miss something: I miss a dream .
I wish I can have a dream that take my soul away and far.
The taste of my life is like the foam (the wave's foam) and all around me is just some lights.
I miss the obscurity of thinking and living. Every thing seems to be just normal, usual and clear.
I need to feel that I'm really alive, need problems and hindrance; I can't keep everything going right.
I feel a huge fear of the unexpectable things. Life is just life as it seems , as it is and as I live it.
And even while Im living a change, I know that tomorrow I will see only the monotonous side.
Finally, before putting my full stop , I want to say that now I know… I'm alive …!?

8 commentaires:

marrokia a dit…

hnina zwina

3rafti khtak ta9aftha almania , wnti katba hadchi bel englizia
lmohime ghanjibe dictionnaire wnfhame almawdo3 mazyane wnaktabe lik rade zwine b7alk ya zine

ألطيبُ a dit…

هي نظرة في الحياة فلسفية نوعا ما ...لكن لا تنسي ان حياتنا نصنع منها البعض ونقبل بالبعض كما هو
لكننا في النهاية نعيشها ان قبلنا او كرهنا فلا مناص من تقبلها
الطيب الغير صامت ؟؟؟

H-F-blady a dit…

bla matjibi 7ata dictionnaire
daba ndir lik sous titrage bel7annwiya ;)

H-F-blady a dit…

al mochkila fil ta7did al ba3d alladi narda bihi wana9baloh
a7yana o7iss b anani atadahour bi9oboul chay2 ka anahou mafroud 3alay nasiyatan anani ana allati sana3toho
fa kayfa nakhtabi2o ta7ta sitar al 9adar

tazart a dit…

أنت الأروع

H-F-blady a dit…

@tazart :
:$ akhjalteni wallah
mar7aban beki w dawman fi hadihi l modawanna
chokran lil itra2 :)

admin_word a dit…


tbarkallah 3lik :))))))))))
dommage mon anglais is bad , j'ai pu decortiquer des mots et des prles de ce que tu pense et ce que tu resent et c'est déja beau.

garde le cap :)

H-F-blady a dit…

Merci bcp pr ta visite , tn commentaire
et welcome anytime ;)