lundi 30 avril 2007

Some words about a life, my life

Many simple things can bring joy to our hearts, they could make our souls smile because there is nothing amazing than having two eyes: one to see and the other to feel.
When I see my friends and my family with proud eyes, I wonder that I am the luckiest person in that world. I have my own treasures, my own precious treasures.
Through the day, I could see myself in different behaviours, different Hanane:
Happy Hanane
Sad Hanane
Bad Hanane
Good Hanane
All in all, I know that I am a lucky girl unless because my name is Hanane “affection¨ which give a good impression about me. Yeah, but the truth may be different: P.
The second thing is that I have two eyes, one nose, two ears, a long tongue, two hands, two legs… And I’m independent I don’t have any other body sticked to me, sharing one of my parts…
It’s rare! Yeah, but why don’t we believe that we can be one of those rare cases.
Another thing is that may be I can hate but I often believe that it’s easy to forgive.

I know I’m not perfect but I can separate between the good things and bad ones, faults and facts.Frequently, I think that I deserve more than what I have but I don’t forget that there is a “less than what I have”
Sometimes, I stare at the sky and thank Allah because hope still colours my life. Life seems to be as easy as a smile (when hope exists) and seems to be too difficult as a smile too (When you lose Hope).
Try to smile when you’re upset, you will fail. That’s the big lesson, learn it.
One day, try to sit silently, deep in your heart. Close your eyes put your fingers in your ears and try to listen the voice of your heart, the move of your blood. All happen inside with no stop.
One other day, I watched a movie I don’t remember its title neither the actors all I can remember is that sentence: ¨ True love can not exist where it does not and you can’t hide it when it exists¨. I know I will never forget it because it helped me a lot. I don’t except more than what is offered and I won’t offer less than what I can to.
Talking about life, I know that in anyway it will continue but I have the choice of what type of life is mine.
At the end, I may be selfish because I dedicate that whole text talking about myself but just concentrate. Maybe in a line you could find yourself and may be after reading it you will feel how lucky you are.

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ألطيبُ a dit…

ان يكتب الانسان عن نفسه امر ليس باليسير .. لكنك كتبت بكثير من اليسر فافسحت لنا طاقة نطل من خلالها عليك بعيونك وهو امر بديع حقا
اشكرك على ذلك ولا بد سيشكرك الكثيرون مثلي ... واحيي فيك هذه الميول الفلسفية وهذه النظرة الفلسفية ايضا

H-F-blady a dit…

chokran jazeelan li ta3li9eka wa wafa2eka
yajibo an ta3refa ya tayeb anani la yatma2eno khateri ella ba3da 9ira2ati awwwali ta3lee9
l anani ma3akom aktachifo 9imata mo7awalati wa bikoum tastarji3o al kalimat rou7aha li to3abera 3ala anaha layssat fa9at kalemati akhrajtoha bal hia a7Asssessa 9abaltouha bi alwifa9 aw al3akss

BassamBadri a dit…

Dear Hanan ..
You are not selfish because you wrote about yourself, but really you are generous to let your friends know more about yourself. I think the more you write, the more you are generous and clear.

I liked the sentence you wrote about "love".

Yours sincerely,
Bassam Al-Badri

BassamBadri a dit…

الأخت العزيزة حنان ..
أدعوك لزيارة مدونتي ..
لتعرفي لماذا صار وطني وحيداً ..
د. بسام البدري

H-F-blady a dit…

@ bassam:
Thnx a lot for passing by my blog
it is a great pleassure for me bassam.
and in fact i visited ur blog mashallah :)
keep the good work bassam (y)

Anonyme a dit…

You remind me of one of my favourite books, "al minane al koubra" the author, al cha3rani, one of the great 3alim and saints of Islam is talking about his life and the gifts he was bestowed upon by Allah, and at the beginning of every chapter he used to say : "wa mimma manna Allaho tabarak wa ta3ala bihi 3alay annani..." and he started talking about what God gave him, both material and moral things, basing his book on a Coranic verse " wa amma bi ni3mati rabbika fa 7addith" not to feel too proud of himself but to feel the "fadl" of Allah on him!
wonderful text, carry on, and feel Allah's fadl and mercy!

Réda-ction a dit…

I forgot to identify myself above, it's me!

H-F-blady a dit…

Thnx for passing by and for the information about the book i guess it's worth readin :)
yeah, and i agree with, we should take our time to thank Allah.
U'r always welcome :)

Réda a dit…

Very worth reading; its full title in arabic is :
"المنن الكبرى أو لطاف المنن والأخلاق في وجوب التحدث بنعمة الله على الإطلاق"
عبد الوهاب الشعراني

H-F-blady a dit…

Thnk you again

Anonyme a dit…

bravo pou le travail petite :(affection)..........

3az3ouza a dit…

Hanounati :) I'm really very proud of you. Your text is too wealthy on sincere confidences, what I very appreciate..
I apologize for my little absence those days; I read your text before but had not time to comment it
Vaut mieux tard que jamais :)

H-F-blady a dit…

Merci pour le beau commentaire
Mais, c'est qui ?? :o

H-F-blady a dit…

exactly,Thnx for passing by and for ur comment (chwiyat dial swabat )
Rani toujours waitin for .. wach t'es occupée??

3az3ouza a dit…

"mmet" comme on dit :) htta nsali w ntla9aw chi nheyyer, rah ca fait longtemps ;)

صاحب البوابــة a dit…

احببت فقط ان امر واسلم

تحياتى للمدونة الرائعة

ولقلمك الحر

H-F-blady a dit…

صاحب البوابة@
السلام عليكم
شكرا للمرور و للتعليق
مبروك بمناسبة ذكرى مدونتك
مرحبا بك دائما هنا

H-F-blady a dit…

wé bessa7 wallah ça fait longtemps mais wach bitiha b chanegleli walla bla biha ;)

DIVA a dit…

i really liked wat u wrote hanan..keep up the good theway am hanan too..i hope u read some of mine and like it

Faris فــــارس a dit…

hmmmm wait more

Anonyme a dit…

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